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It's Time For a New Perspective

I grew up in Camrose; I learned to skate on Mirror Lake, learned how to play hockey in the Wild Rose Arena, and learned just about everything else at schools across our constituency. This community is a part of who I am, and today I'm running to be your Camrose NDP candidate in the 2023 election because I want to give back to the community that I owe so much to.


The world is rapidly changing, and we need someone who knows and understands the unique opportunities and obstacles we face in the modern world. Rural communities need strong voices with lived experiences in our communities to fight for us as we enter a new, challenging economic era for Alberta, and I want to be that voice for you. I will fight for strong rural healthcare, for quality rural education, for making life more affordable, and ultimately to make sure rural Alberta does not get left behind in a changing world. The rising tide of new economic opportunities is rising faster and faster, and I want to make sure that it lifts all our boats - whether you're in the trades, the service industry, the public service, or anything between and beyond.


You deserve a government that will fight for the working class, and an MLA who listens to you, respects you, and brings your voice to Edmonton.

When we elect Rachel Notley and the NDP to a strong mandate in 2023, I want to be that voice for you.

Camrose Constituency

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We need good local representation, and we need a government who will listen to it.

Rural Albertans need to be heard on the issues that affect us, otherwise the bigger problems facing our province will never be addressed. When Rachel Notley and the Alberta NDP win in 2023, the government will need to have serious conversations about how to repair education, healthcare, infrastructure, social safety nets, and more - and as rural Albertans, we need to make sure that we send people to Edmonton who will make sure our voices are heard as we work together.

I'm running to be the NDP's candidate in Camrose in 2023 because this is the best way I can serve the community that raised me, and I want to fight for a better tomorrow for our constituency. There are a lot of new issues facing us today, but many are still holdovers from decades-old failures of governments, notably on our education system. As someone who was in school in Camrose during the Klein cuts, it's heartbreaking to go into work as an educational assistant today throughout our district to see many of the same problems playing out again. The next generation does not deserve to be forced to fight to succeed in spite of its government - their success is all of our success, and no amount of economic diversification or rural investment will be enough if our education system isn't a priority.

Rural Alberta is not typically seen as a favourable region for the NDP, but all that says to me is that I'll have to work even harder to win it - and that it'll be even sweeter when we flip this seat in 2023. Working class people in our constituency, from baristas to welders, from doctors to farmers, from postal workers to teachers, deserve a government that respects their hard work and will fight to address the issues affecting their day-to-day lives - from cost-of-living, to job opportunities, to education, to retirement, and so many more - and they will find that with the Alberta NDP in government, and Wyatt Tanton as the Camrose NDP MLA.

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